Excellent customer service is the number one job at PKM Group. Our robust tech infrastructure, passionate team, and demand vs involvement philosophy makes us stand out in the competition.

  • We are a core believer of dependency vs the involvement philosophy. Since dependency is inversely proportional to involvement of customers, we always try to reduce the involvement time of our customers in logistics operations.
  • We work proactively to keep you updated as your cargo makes its journey – and to avoid delays before they happen. If they do, we’ll keep you notified, ensuring any effect on your cargo is minimal.

At PKM Group, we understand your need for high performance logistics solutions to maintain a competitive advantage. We are committed to provide you superior services, irrespective of your logistics needs. We take pride in our strong network of qualified carriers and a team of dedicated managers and logistics experts who enable us to deliver top-notch solutions to you at the most competitive price.

  • Committed to deliver on our promised service level, we work closely with our clients to deliver excellence.

PKM's Service process

Upload / Email shipment details & documents

Submit a clearance documents online / email, we'll need some basic details, a commercial invoice, packing list and any related documents available. Dont worry if you don’t have all the requested documents or info, when getting started. It can be updated at any time.

Collaborate with your personal agent

After submitting a clearance you will have access to your online workspace (ticket) where you can chat in real time with your agent, update any missing documents & check the status of your clearance. This space will stay active throughout the life of your shipment

We process your clearance

Once your agent has confirmed they have all the necessary info and documents, everything is submitted to Indian customs electronically for release. PKMPL Group files all customs entries via secure EDI Link.

Your shipment is released

Upon successful payment, your goods are customs cleared! ready for the final destination. Need delivery to your final destination? We can handle it directly. Just ask your agent

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