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Aenean et enim convallis Aenean et enim convallis.

The Initial years

Our Journey began with C & F operations at Veraval, Gujarat, in 1963 under the Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB). The pioneers of the company were quick enough to realize the crucial role of C & F agents in industries that were time-dependent and had a significant impact largely on the development of foreign trade. We understood our role very well and realized that we enable the importers and exporters to drive their value chain by facilitating various Port Services, Agency Work, Customs Clearance and others, using our strong local knowledge, experience and goodwill.

The Years Going Forward

PKM was a closely held family business and this business continued to be passed on to successive generations. Each generation left its stamp on the business and its activities in their own unique way. And in the process built a solid repertoire of experience, set high standards of customer satisfaction and most importantly created a rich legacy of trust. We have continuously strived to give our best to the customers, and this is why, today, we are one of the leading Licensed Custom House Agent/Broker and Freight Forwarder in the country.

Being an tech driven company

Being an innovative company, for future Premji Kanji Masani is under process to launch a digital customs clearance platform which will be a first in this industry. “The aim of the online system is to expedite customs clearance and remove delays which are costly both in terms of time as well as money. This new one-stop-solution allows us to timely and efficiently handle export and import clearance for our customers. The solution provides downstream benefits of full governance and compliance. It will also reduce the number of intermediaries customers deal with for customs clearance to a single party,”

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