Government of India issues draft Coastal Shipping Bill, 2020 for public consultation

Ministry of shipping has today issued the draft of Coastal Shipping Bill, 2020 for suggestions from the stakeholders and the general public.

“As the shipping sector grows and evolves in the country, a need was felt to have separate legislation on coastal shipping, which considers it an integral part of the transport chain and recognizes the policy priorities of the sector to meet the demands of the Indian shipping industry. While drafting this bill, the global best practices have also been considered,” said the release.

Highlights of the bill 

  1. The definition of coastal shipping and coastal waters has been expanded.
  2. It is proposed to do away with the requirement of trading licence for Indian flag vessels for coastal trade.
  3. The bill seeks to create a competitive environment and reduce transportation costs while encouraging Indian vessels to increase their share in coastal shipping.
  4. The bill also proposes the integration of coastal maritime transport with inland waterways.
  5. There is a provision for a National Coastal and Inland Shipping Strategic Plan.

The draft bill is uploaded on the ministry of shipping’s website. Citizens can submit their suggestions and opinions regarding the draft bill to latest by November 6, 2020.

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